It also has the potential to meet the needs of global market by expanding its current capabilities.

To cover foreign and domestic demands, the unit uses its internal resources to manufacture different types of connectors and wires


Currently, this unit makes use of domestically produced machineries to manufacture automatic screwdrivers used in assembling procedure. As a first domestic producer of these products, this unit relies on the potentials of Iranian experts to develop a complete portfolio of new, up-to-date products


Today we proudly present IV Industrial Group as the first totally independent Iranian manufacturer that makes its best effort to assist the domestic industries, collaborate with other industries, and further confirm the abilities of Iranian industries by relying on our up-to-date know-how
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Our Services & Abilities

In collaboration with other manufacturers, IV Technical and Engineering Division produce customized connectors and special terminals compatible with their products.
Using its experiences, this industrial manufacturing unit began in the early 1981 to focus on designing, developing, and manufacturing different components, particularly electronic devices such as connectors, terminal blocks, and transformer terminal blocks using its original drawings without copying foreign designs. All production stages, from preparation of drawings and designing components and molds to production projects are carried out independently. The unit has been consistently active for years both domestically and abroad particularly in the neighboring countries. It has also been a leading plant in meeting the needs of the domestic market. In addition, in the early 2015, a new logo was revealed as a symbol for an electrical connector featuring the letters IV (Iran Venus) that is printed on all products and packaging to assure consumers of the originality of these products.

Component Modeling
In cases where original samples are not available, prototypes are made in actual dimensions for physical inspection.
Industrial Design
Technical Drawings
Manufacturing industrial molds

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You can have a catalog of products and technical information for each one in this file.

Product Features

IV Industrial Group relies on the abovementioned resources in engineering design, including modeling, drawing, implementation, and manufacturing which enable this group to work with other industries and manufacturers.


ISO 9001: 2008 quality management system in production

Technical Support & Warranty

Substitution unconditional Products


ISO 100004: 2010 customer satisfaction in production


From TUV Atlantic due to product quality

Standard Approval

Union CE Europe and Iranian hundred percent due to product quality

Using the finest brass

MS58 int. standard for max. conductivity and resistance up to 3m Ohm

Using top-quality

materials from the most reputable domestic & foreign companies

Exclusive Design

Totally self-contained domestic product in research and development unit

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