VENUS at a Glance

Using its experiences, this industrial manufacturing unit began in the early 1981 to focus on designing, developing, and manufacturing different components, particularly electronic devices such as connectors, terminal blocks, and transformer terminal blocks using its original drawings without copying foreign designs. All production stages, from preparation of drawings and designing components and molds to production projects are carried out independently. The unit has been consistently active for years both domestically and abroad particularly in the neighboring countries. It has also been a leading plant in meeting the needs of the domestic market. In addition, in the early 2015, a new logo was revealed as a symbol for an electrical connector featuring the letters IV (Iran Venus) that is printed on all products and packaging to assure consumers of the originality of these products.

Currently, this unit makes use of domestically produced machineries to manufacture automatic screwdrivers used in assembling procedure. As a first domestic producer of these products, this unit relies on the potentials of Iranian experts to develop a complete portfolio of new, up-to-date products. It is planning to offer top quality industrial products in order to become the leading manufacturer of electrical components. Using its currently available resources, the unit monthly manufactures 15,000 terminal blocks and 500,000 transformer terminal blocks with two and three connection ports for distribution within the domestic market. It also has the potential to meet the needs of global market by expanding its current capabilities. To cover foreign and domestic demands, the unit uses its internal resources to manufacture different types of connectors and wires. It is also planning to rely on the state-of-the-art know-how in order to increasingly improve the quality of its products and address the current shortcomings. Currently, the unit is operating at two production phases over an area measuring 2,500 m2 in the industrial town. The first phase covers manufacturing of brass parts in different types and sizes while the second phase is dedicated to plastic injection and molding using the available advanced technology.

گروه صنعتی ایران ونوس